31/05 - Half Price Frappuccinos!

I was tipped off to this deal by HollyYMBB's tweet so all credit to her but I had to get this up ASAP as the deal runs out on 2nd June. Frapps aren't my FAVOURITE tipple from Starbucks but I do enjoy a vanilla creme occasionally and I know Lee will love the new cookie crumble flavour so I will absolutely be taking advantage of the deal this weekend. In fact our local Cineworld just got a Starbucks and we happen to have tickets booked tomorrow to see The Hangover 3 so.. Would be rude not to, right? The deal is only 3-5pm so be sure not to miss it if you're in the vicinity!


30/05 - Long Time, No Vlog

As you may know I am blogging every day of every other month in 2013.. I find it tough to keep up with random, adhoc vlogs so structure helps but I couldn't do it every single day. Anywho.. For the month of May I haven't vlogged AT ALL so I thought I would swing by my vlog channel and say HI! ahead of vlog June in a couple of days..

I tried to keep up with embedding my vlogs here on this blog daily last month but it didn't really happen, I usually blog from my phone or iPad for this diary style blog as I wanted it to be as relaxed and easy as possible to share snippets of my life rather than feel like work but that was tougher via those means so if you want to keep up with my daily vlogs I'd suggest you head over to Meet The McCools and subscribe!



29/05 - Words To Live By

I'm having that kind of time right now.. Not in my personal life but at work where I've lost all motivation and I just want to get out. I'm trying to keep my head down, get my stuff done and leave but always manage to drag myself into other people's work. I used to be nice, I will always help someone that needs it if I have the means to but lately it feels like helping someone just provides them with a scape goat Ann things go wrong. Nobody really appreciates it and many take advantage and allow you to do their work for them. It's frustrating and I hate that I'm at the point where I hate my job because of it as I used to really like it but. I wasn't looking forward to returning to the office after having Milo but I found it much easier than I expected and welcomed the new structure and social interaction to my days but over the past few months things have turned sour. I guess I'm ranting but don't we all need to get it out sometimes? (That's what he said)


28/05 - Relapse

I'm suitably ashamed of myself to tell you I've fallen off the diet coke wagon.. Hard! I've been so good for months and I just wanted a few cans at bank holiday.. Lee bought a crate and I'm almost done with it. I used to be totally addicted to full fat coke for years and couldn't think of anything worse than diet until I started calorie counting in a bid to lose my baby weight last year and almost fell down when I read the content of one can! I converted within a week a d never looked back but at New Year I vowed to quit altogether. I know diet drinks aren't good for me and diet coke in particular is supposed to be terrible so I feel pretty bad that in back on it but those of you who know my pain will know how tough a habit it is to kick. I might just give myself a couple of weeks before I quit again.. Any words of encouragement are welcome!


27/05 - Arrested Development Season 4

Who else was ridiculously excited today when Arrested Developments 4th series went live?? We've been rewatching 1-3 so I've only seen a couple of episodes do far but the standout moment so far has to be Portia De Rossi's new face.. Wtf? I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed but did anyone else think she took a picture of Christine Taylor to the surgeon? Spitting Image in some shots and their noses are identical. Portia was always beautiful and being so tall her larger features suited her so I don't know why she wanted to change them. My guess is she went for a nip tuck to fight the signs of ageing and the doctor suggested some more unnecessary alterations. But anyway, the series is looking great so far, just slightly eclipsed by the seemingly totally different actress playing Lindsey. What are your thoughts on season 4? No spoilers please (we're on episode 4)


26/05 - Tiffany Themed Wedding Invitations

Our friends came over yesterday for a catch up and a glass (one too many for me) of wine and they brought us our invitation to their wedding. The theme is Tiffany and the invites are just perfect, don't you think? Also got to try on my bridesmaids dress (black, one shoulder, chiffon) and shoes and saw some duck egg blue accessories she'd bought.. All very exciting. I'm looking forward to sharing more of her planning with you and might try and get some pictures of my dress up soon. Her Hen party is in August and the them for that is Barbie.. So far I have no idea what to wear so any suggestions are welcome but worst case I could be a career Barbie and wear a blazer, right? Lol.. Cop out I know


24/05 - Makin' My Mind Up!

So my minds made up.. Damier Ebene it is! I must have watched a hundred reviews online over the past week and although there are issues with some handles cracking it's not a given that it WILL happen and you get 1 year warranty so if anything major happens early on it will be repaired or replaced. I love the look of the monogram bag and I especially like the contrasting vachetta leather trim but the trim patinas quickly, can stain if it rains and from what I've read generally doesn't wear as well. I don't like the look of the leather as it gets darker and the lighter, patterned canvas is susceptible to stains itself so I think the DE is the better choice for me. I'm not super super careful and I want to be able to wear the nah every day so yeah.. Unless I have some immediate bond with the mono in the store tomorrow morning I will be buying my first LV.. Eek!


23/05 - Candle Addict

My name's Khila and I have a problem.. I'm addicted to candles. My husband was already at his wits end with my collection when a huge box arrive from Kringle filled with candles and wax tarts to review.. Oops! I can't stop buying candles.. I even stocked up on Christmas scents when they were on sale recently.. It's May.
These however were obviously sent to me by the company to try so they don't count, right? Regardless of Lee's disdain once a candle is burning he appreciates the difference and we are both loving this Coconut Pineapple scent. Kringle also make a "gentlemen's range" I'm excited to try, you can expect a full review over on very soon


22/05 - Thug 4 Life

My little misery is actually in a much better mood lately. Remember last week when I said he'd been a no cuddle zone? Well he's been much more open to mummy this week and our mummy milo Monday was much better. He's still firmly a Daddy's boy but I'm not quite as worried as I was. I'm hoping it was just a phase but it was more than a month which for a baby is a big chunk of life! Anyway, I got such a response from that initial post I thought I should let you know the lil ice man has thawed but thanks for sharing your experiences!

21/05 - Official Skinner

I love starting a new blog from scratch which explains why I've had so many but occasionally I get the opportunity to set one up for someone else.. Like today! Most if my evening was spent on Danielle's new blog which currently only has a few "dummy" posts with pictures and limited info on outfits etc but I needed something to work with and it should give you guys a small idea of her personal style. We weren't sure whether to go for a name more fashion focused but many of you know her from YouTube, twitter and Instagram already and Official Skinner gives her scope to blog about whatever she wants. I'm excited to see what she does with it, go check it out -


20/05 - Once Upon A Time

Have any of you seem this show? I'm a total Netflix addict and I saw the thumbnail so many times but for some reason I thought it was something to do with Taylor Swift. I can't find the picture online but if you use Netflix take a look.. It doesn't look like the show that it is that's for sure. It's kind of supernatural but the general idea is that a woman arrives in a town where everyone is a storybook character but they're under a curse and can't remember anything. There's a boy who knows the story and is trying to convince the woman that she's the key to breaking the curse and saving everyone from the evil queen. I know that might sound mad but I'm almost finished watching the first series and am kicking myself I didn't find it sooner as the second already started on Channel 5 so I missed the start and will have to wait for Netflix to get it. One last thing, I watch Netflix US version and I'm not sure whether it's on on the UK one but it's easy enough to switch, there are plenty of tutorials online! Anywho.. Watch it, it's awesome! And if you already do.. Who's your favourite? I kinda like Red Riding Hood..

19/05 - Coffee Take Two

So last week I shared my craving for a fancy coffee maker and my first go with one at my Mums but I've since decided that it can wait (after all I'm about to spend a bundle on a handbag and have bought Lee a little something special too so.. Probably should tighten the purse strings. With this in mind we bought the new Nescafé Azera Instant Latte. I've tried the regular caramel and vanilla lattes from Nescafé but Lee tells me Azera is particularly good.. And he's really not a coffee drinker.. So I thought I'd give it a go. My mum bought my some Starbucks caramel syrup at Christmas and I only need a drop to sweeten this up, I'm not a major sweet tooth but also not a regular coffee drinker. Given the packaging I was expecting the tub to be full and to be able to spoon out the contents but it comes in sachets just like the regular line so that was a little disappointing as you only get 6 servings but it's definitely quenched my thirst for coffee at home for now and I guess if I don't drink it much then it's really not worth buying a special machine, huh? Only time will tell


17/05 - Blossom

Where I live now is where I grew up. I moved away for a while but when spring comes around I'm always pleased to be back in my old neighbourhood.. The reason? The blossom. My street is a long horseshoe shape which actually is made of many streets but the little drive around that loop is so pretty at this time of year as the the whole way is lined with these beautiful trees. It's such a small thing but I just love it.

What do you appreciate about the Spring where you are?


16/05 - Decisions Decisions

So I know I said I was sharing food pictures today but 1. I totally forgot to take any and 2. I've had the worst day at work and would very much like to escape for a moment into a world of frivolity and share with you my current purchasing dilemma. You may remember our recent big buy (a new car) well we decided to give ourselves a break from saving for the summer and I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy the bag I've been listing after for the past 2 and a half years, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. There are 3 sizes and I want the mid one, aptly named the MM - my initials. There's are 3 permanent colour options and I'm not super excited about the garish limited editions so they're what I have to choose from. I initially obsessed over the Azur (the cream one) but soon realised it wasn't practical in the UK so I'm down to the Damier Ebene (the chequered) or the monogram (LV print)

At the moment I'm leaning towards the monogram but is it just a little tacky and fake looking? I don't live in a city where designer bags are so appreciated so if I get the Ebene it will go largely unrecognised but if I go for the Monogram it will be presumed a fake.. You would think it wasn't about other people but lets face it that's why we want designer items, no? Don't get me wrong I LOVE the bag and would love it just as much if it was from primark (especially the price) but we pay for a status symbol so perception is definitely a deciding factor.

So.. What do we think? Do you have this bag or any of the LV prints in question? I think I'm gonna go for the Monogram but I do like the subtlety of the Ebene.. Argh!!! I can't decide!

15/05 - Still Working Out

I haven't spoken about my diet or exercise as much lately but this week I've been hitting the gym harder and I'm going it alone. My gym buddy Danielle has herself a second job in the evenings which makes a sweaty mid afternoon session impractical but now I'm going by myself I feel like I'm working so much harder. I'm trying to get in 10 mins running (it's amazing that I can now run for a solid 10 mins.. I couldn't manage 3 when I started) then 5 mins on the chest press, 5 on the lat pull, 10 on the bike and 5 on abs.. It might not seem like a lot but I'm feeling it just as much as the shred but I'm making use of the equipment and I don't look like a plank when other people are in there haha! Iv packed myself three healthy snacks for tomorrow (I work til 6) which I will of course photograph for you for tomorrow's post.. See you then!


14/05 - Anyone For Coffee?

Recently Lee and I have been contemplating purchasing a coffee maker and one of the lazy-boy pod machines definitely appeals over a complicated traditional gaggia type. We've been torn between a Tassimo and a Krups Dolce Gusto so I thought I'd have a go with my parents one to see how I liked it.

It's easy and makes really nice coffee but there's a really limited range of pods available for the Dolce Gusto which puts me off a little although they and the machine itself is cheaper than the Tassimo system... Decisions! Do any of you have one of these pod doodahs? Any recommendations?


13/05 - Daddy's Boy

I don't know about you but I always thought boys were supposed to love their Mummies best, no? Well mine doesn't! It started off as a slight preference and when we were on our own I would still get some love but today my son wanted nothing to do with me. 18 months old and he wouldn't even cuddle with me this morning in bed to watch Curious George.. What is happening to my world?

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge my husband the love of his son but godammit I carried him, I have the scar where he was pulled from my body.. Don't I even get a hug? As time goes on I find myself doing less with him because everything seems harder when he fights me constantly. Lee bathes him, he puts him to bed.. I drop him off at the childminders.. I'm the bad guy! I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to but it just sucks and I thought I'd put it out there for anyone going through the same thing. At least one of my children likes me.. I can't wait for her to come home from her Dads on Wednesday *sigh*


12/05 - Sunday Snapshot - Little Ella

We see lots of little Milo but I thought we would see a little of little Ella today, she was little pre-blog/Instagram eye but she was just as cute once upon a time.. Why must they grow up?


11/05 - Foster (film) - WARNING, HEARTBREAKING!

Okay, first and foremost if you want to watch this film I wont stop you, it's a great story.. BUT it's the saddest film I've seen this year and had someone warned me of the plot I wouldn't have watched it. I'll tell you now, there will be spoilers, I'm basically going to outline the whole film so if you do plan on watching it do not read on because the beauty is in the twists!

If you're still with me grab a tissue because I'm about to take you on an emotional roller coaster! When the film began I knew it would be a little teary, the leading couple couldn't conceive 'since the accident' and were obviously unhappy, there were money troubles etc etc, you get the picture. They visit an orphanage and meet an abnormally articulate child they like who likes them. He turns up on their doorstep with all the right paperwork, they check it out with the agency only to discover the lady who usually deals with these things has had a fall and isn't available.. but the paperwork checks out, is signed and the rest. So the boy comes home with them, fixes all of their problems, takes them to Legoland and calls them Mum and Dad. There's a room nobody is allowed to go in which leads me to believe she lost a baby when they had this 'accident' that's referred to but you assume the boy will heal her and so on. You feel the story heading for a happy ending UNTIL you find out the accident wasn't theirs it was that of their five year old son who DIED and you then see clips/photos of said boy.. I was crying so much by this point I couldn't breath. It went from sunshine and lollipops to gut wrenching agony in about 30 seconds and absolutely killed me. This is the reason for this post.. if you have kids or are just one of those people (like me) who cries at everything don't watch this unless you're prepared and are preferably on your own to blubber as loudly as you like. I was silently sobbing at my keyboard trying to hide it from my husband who I also spotted dabbing his eyes from then on out. Long story short they get pregnant, find out the boy was an angel and never actually existed and every picture of him is now blank.. kind of creepy, Richard E Grant also plays a small angelic roll as a local vagrant but it's really the boy that steals the show and if it wasn't for the horrendously sad storyline I would absolutely recommend you watch it as he is just great in it but just thinking about it now I could relapse so I'll end it there. 

I'd never heard of the film til I saw it on Sky.. I don't think this kind of thing makes for a box office hit to be honest but the cast and story is great if not horribly grim. I thought it was safe to regurgitate the plot as few of you are likely to see it anyway but apologies if you didn't read the warning and I totally ruined the movie for you. You could kind of see it coming with the boy though.. I knew he was magic 5 minutes in but I didn't expect him to disappear in the night after they'd grown attached to him.. oh there I go again *sob*...

Feel free to leave your own sad film warnings below


10/05 - Eddie Izzard

Tonight we had the amazing opportunity to see Eddie Izzard live thanks to Capital FM. We are both such huge fans (I mean.. he was in the Oceans movies.. c'mon!!) and he did not let us down. Bizarrely my friend Laura was also at the event entirely by coincidence and she spotted my from a good half a mile away.. good eyes! I haven't caught up with her since but I'm positive she will have loved the man as much as I did. He's not your regular comedian, he's a story teller, an entertainer and above all a very smart guy so even in his less hilarious moments he held me captive with tales of his childhood. 

True to form he wore exaggerated cuban heels and manicured pointy nails, calling himself an Action Transvestite and quoting politics which in truth was oh so over my head. Being in the presence of someone with real intelligence really is inspiring and I came away determined to learn at least a little tourist French.

Thanks again to Capital for sending us and I can't wait to go see him again!


09/05 - Welcome Back Bluths

Who else was ecstatic to see the ad for the new season of Arrested Development on their Netflix homepage today? I know it wasn't just me! It's unfortunately one of those shows that just never took off in a major commercial way and so ended far sooner than the fans and critics would have liked but hey.. it's all about the money, money, money, right? There were rumours for so long and even hints in the last season that there would be a film return but I'm so pleased that they're back with a fourth and final season and it will be available on May 26th right in our own homes.. exciting! Will the kissing cousins ever find love? Can Tobias and Lindsey make their marriage work? Did Michael ever manage to escape his families clutches? and what's the stair car doing these days.. all will soon be revealed!



08/05 - Skinner Slideshow

Look what I just found on my phone..
@OfficialSkinner has fun at work ;)