28/02 - Vine

I still don't totally 'get' Vine but tonight I made my first proper video and since it's been an awfully long day that's all I'm leaving you with with because I absolutely must go to bed now!
I just saw an advert for a show on ITV called "Lightfields" - F me that looks scary!
Miss BB


27/02 - Subtle Shades

20130227-170817.jpg Recently I've found myself at somewhat of a crossroads hair-wise. I haven't had my highlights touched up since November and while I thought for a while I could live with them while I grew out my colour to an ombré I've decided I just can't.. So what to do? If I retouch I'll be in the same position in a couple of months time but if I choose a darker hue and go with some rich, chocolate lowlights as well as perhaps some subtle lifts here and there perhaps my colour will blend a little better as it grows. I dream of low maintenance glossy locks which resemble the above but each time I see a photo of SJP I notice subtle differences in her shade. Although some would say go brighter for summer and darker for fall I think the sun kissed dark blonde works beautifully with a tan just as well as a thick coat and winter boots, no? So there's my dilemma.. Go lighter or try a lower maintenance blonde. Another thing of course is the cut. My grown out asymmetric bob from last July is in dire need of attention but I don't relish losing another inch when I've just got in to a nice length :( #girlproblems PS. I ordered the blue batik jeans from H&M.. They'll have to do for now! 
 Miss BB


26/02 - The Most Amazing Trousers Ever???

20130226-211407.jpg Imagine my excitement when a "new stuff" email from H&M popped into my inbox today with these rather stunning tie dye "batik" trousers featuring centre stage. Unfortunately I discovered that they are actually not available online at all, only the deep blue colour are which is quite frankly not the same!


If anyone sees these in store or has already see them PLEASE let me know.. And if they're not in stores then where the frick are they and why are they advertising something I want yet cannot have????

Miss BB


25/02 - Late Night Snack

20130225-203703.jpg I had a lovely, healthy dinner, chicken, rice and vegetables.. Only to totally ruin it with a carborific late night snack. Why when you're hungry do you only crave carbs? I guess it's not so bad since my other option was a bag of maltesers (which I still haven't ruled out eating) but still.. Not ideal at this time of night! We're currently in bed watching Frasier (from the very beginning on Netflix) eating our ever so healthy snackaroo and hoping of an early night.. Although I may see if I can negotiate a foot rub first ;) Miss BB


24/02 - Sunday

I feel like I've had such an unproductive week. I've been feeling ill off and on so lets blame that but I'm determined to be better for the week ahead. I have so many videos and blog posts prepped that if I really focus tomorrow I could get myself sorted for the next fortnight. Talking of two weeks time.. Laura and I have the FABB Leeds meet up on 9th March.. so excited to meet some fellow bloggers and we bought our train tickets to both that and the Manchester even the following Wednesday today so we know we're going now! It's so nice to have found a friend who 'gets' the whole YouTube and blogging thing because so many people don't understand it. I filmed a few videos today and took so many pictures that it was hardly the lazy Sunday I'd hoped for but if I work hard now I can potentially have next weekend 'off'.. I'd love a weekend day with absolutely no plans! Maybe next Saturday can be a pyjama day?
Anywho, to bed with me as I have an early day tomorrow!
Miss BB


23/02 - Got Our Skates On!

Today we ventured out to Leeds to visit the outdoor ice rink they have there called the Ice Cube. It was a little surprise for Ella as we weren't sure whether the tickets would arrive in time but they did and my brother decided to join us. As well as the skating they have Zorbs, mini roller coasters, simulators and a huge dry ski slope that you can slide down on a rubber tyre. My brother and Lee tried that and it looked like fun but I stayed back with Ella who didn't want to ride. She was hesitant on the ice but eventually let go of the rails and would lap the rink if I went backwards guiding her round, I think it's confidence more than anything and at the start of a session the ice is always super slippy having just been cleaned so everyone is a little wobbly at first!
Fun fact you may not know about me, I took ice skating lessons for about 4 years when I was a kid. I stopped because at the next level I had to compete and I'm not into that but it was fun and I'm always surprised how much I remember when I get back on the ice after a long time.
We had lunch at Chiquitos (which was epic) then made a quick dash to ikea where I bought only the items I went in for (kind of) then a pot stop at Boots where I bought far more than I should have before finally ending our day with a dozen original glazed at Krispy Kreme - to take out of course. It was the busiest Saturday we've had in a while and I bought so much from Boots I have more blogging material than I could hope for so look out for lots of new reviews soon!
Big thanks to Capital FM who sent us the tickets for the Ice Cube!
Miss BB


22/02 - Is Your Technology Keeping Me Up


Image Source: The Guardian Online

Man, has this been a long week!? I love vlogging every day but getting home, editing and uploading every night after work is kind of exhausting.. I do envy the full time vloggers with the luxury of editing the following morning but there is no way I am getting up that early, haha. Someone recently commented that my iron levels may be low because I complain a lot of being tired but it's a combination of the daily vlogs and my addiction to social media that's keeping me up at night. This week I've actually made a real effort to get more sleep and I feel so much better for it but usually by the time I should be hitting the hay my vlog has just gone live and the comments start buzzing through my phone under my pillow... I can't just ignore them, right? I have to read them! On top of that, the days I upload beauty videos as well.. there's no chance of rest! Technology definitely plays too big a role in my life and I'm considering a tech free evening once a week.. I'm considering it. I know it's something that lots of people resolved to do in 2013 and i guess it's better late than never. I know that Lee would appreciate a day where I don't spend at least a couple of hours at the computer or playing on my iPad but it's a tough habit to break! Have any of you tried this or better still, are you succeeding? Let me know because I think once Vloguary is over I might try it next month... on a trial basis you understand!!!
Miss BB


21/02 - Office Harlem Shake

When I got in to work today I was informed that we all had to do the Harlem shake and that we were booking a meeting room to do so and collecting my camera equipment at lunch.. I was dubious and we were indeed walked in on by the HR manager halfway through but none the less.. it happened!
Everyone involved were such good sports about the whole thing.. though we did have someone run off shortly before filming (haha) so they'll be really excited to see people have actually watched it when I go in tomorrow!
That was probably the most eventful part of my otherwise busy work day and I completely forgot to do the food diary I mentioned in yesterdays post but I will remember tomorrow, promise! I actually accidentally ate a huge bag of Maltesers so it was a bit of a false start anyway. I'll do better tomorrow!  In other news I have just got the info for my friends Hen Do in August.. we're going to Newcastle, have any of you been for a night out? Anywhere we should go to specifically? I am a bridesmaid and a bit nervous about the dress choosing process as I'm one of 4 and we're all very different shapes and sizes but I guess you have to just suck it up, right? It's her day after all.. I just hope she doesn't spend a fortune! Anywho, that's me for today as i still have dinner to make and a vlog to edit and upload and really would like an early night so I'll speak to you all tomorrow!
Miss BB


20/02 -Gym Bunnies

Yesterday I finally made it back to the gym after more than a month and it wasn't that bad. We've decided to focus more on strength than cardio this time around with a side of eating better. Tomorrow I thought I might keep a food diary and show you what that looks like to me as I'm a hardcore junk food fan so don't expect cold turkey overnight. Of course we like to keep our sessions interesting (which you can see in the below vlog) but we have a new found resolve to work hard, summer is coming after all! I mentioned in a previous post that I was tempted to try the 3 day shred again and Lee says he wants to too so perhaps March would be a fitness focused month.
What's your idea of healthy? Do you run? Do you diet? It's such a fluid concept that it can't mean just one thing to all of us.
Miss BB


19/02 - Best Beauty Apps

I've mentioned my love of apps in the past, especially the life ruiningly addictive Simpsons, Tapped Out but today I thought I'd touch on those more relevant to my beauty blog. Here are my top 4 favourite beauty-related apps.

Glamour - Fast Beauty

Here you can find quick ways to update your look as well as full blown video tutorials. It's basically the app for the Glamour beauty blog.


Modiface makeover app has had a lot of press lately. You can upload a photo and try out different lip colours etc without having to buy the products to test at home. Obviously it's not going to be a perfect example of a specific shade but if you've ever wondered what you'd look like with bright lips or smokey eyes it's a great little app and lots of fun.


This is the app for the Beautylish site. Like the Glamour app you can find tutorials etc but also product reviews and a forum where you can chat about all things beauty with like-minded folk.

InStyle - Best Beauty Buys 2012

If you're a fan of blogger videos and posts detailing their favourites from the previous year you will love this app! As I'm sure you would imagine from it's title, it's basically a run down of all of Instyle's favourite products for last year. i will warn you that the majority are high end but it'a always nice to have a handy guide when you're out shopping and considering an expensive purchase.

If you don't have a smart phone with these capabilities but are looking to join the masses spending far too much time with our tech devices, might I suggest you check out orange deals from dialaphone? It's worth a look for the 2 for 1 cinema tickets!

Miss BB

*Brought to you by dialaphone


18/02 - Milo's Harlem Shake

This morning I woke up and thought 'I might have a go at a Harlem Shake video with Milo today'... one hour later and here it is so I couldn't not share it. If you're not already aware of the craze go and search YouTube for Harlem Shake and lose a considerable amount of time on these 30 second dance videos.

Miss BB


17/02 - Bedroom Buying


I mentioned in today's vlog that I'd ordered some new bedroom stuff and promised to share it with you ahead of its (hopeful) delivery tomorrow. This evening I refreshed the room with a coat of paint, because I chose a bright (ochre) yellow theme I wanted to keep malls fairly neutral but still "spring" so I chose a muted green (olive green from B&Q). Does anyone else go through these phases? I love to change things and get so bored with the same layout all the time so when Lee mentioned painting I didn't need much more of a push. I'm excited to get it all together tomorrow and even more excited to film in a new set up!

Everything is from for those wondering

Lastly I wanted to briefly mention the tough time I've had over the past few days and the enormous support from those of you who watch my vlogs. I didn't want to bri g the negativity over onto my blog so if you're interested you can go back and watch but I'm do thankful to all of you for your lively messages. It reminds me why this is such a great hobby and why I'll never let some insignificant comments from strangers stop me from doing it.

Miss BB


16/02 - Easy Cheesy Scones

This is actually a repost from my cooking blog. I made these this afternoon for Lee who is feeling under the weather so I thought I would share the recipe as it is easy peasy (cheesy) and requires ingredients you will likely have lying around anyway. I was actually inspired by the blog I posted about yesterday, she wrote today about cheese and bacon muffins and I reached for the most similar recipe in my arsenal but if you're interested you can read hers here (it's gluten free too!)



I was sitting here contemplating what to make for lunch when a dazzler of an idea popped in to my head... SCONES! Now I've never made scones before but I figured... how hard can it be, right? I read a few recipes and simplified it down to include the bare essentials. If I added anything "weird" my child wouldn't touch them with a barge pole and I was hoping I could pass these off as her after school snack.

So here's the recipe I used

8oz Self Raising Flour

Pinch of Salt

2oz Butter (lurpack is my brand of choice)

1oz Cheese (stronger the better.. mine was mild so I used more like 2oz to compensate)

150ml Milk (and a little for glazing the top before baking)

Rub in the butter, flour and salt until it looks something like the above picture. If you're less inclined to get your hands dirty (like me) you can do nearly all of this with a spoon

Add the milk and mix 'til it starts to look doughy

mix in the cheese... fairly self explanatory but make sure it's evenly distributed

Roll the dough to about 2cms thick (I used the palm of my hand... couldn't be bothered having to wash the rolling pin) and cut your disks. I used a cookie cutter but a glass would do the job.

Brush milk on the top of your doughy discs and put them in your preheated (220c) oven for 10-12 mins. If you do them a little thick it may take longer but after 12 mins mine were cooked through, golden brown and DELICIOUS might I add. Most recipes advise to cool on a rack but i ate them directly from the tray as I was feeling peckish... if you don't have a rack... it's not the end of the world! Scones are in the comfort food "family" for me so the stodgier the better.. they don't need to be perfect and crisp but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out for my first attempt. They took around 15mins to make so within half an hour of embarking on this task they were ready.


Give them a go yourself!

Miss BB


15/02 - Glutton For Gluten

Today's diary entry will be short and sweet because I have spent far too much time in front of the computer already this evening and had promised myself (as always) an early night. My vlog will have to wait til tomorrow too I'm afraid so those of you waiting up.. sorry.. I can barely keep my eyes open a moment longer.

I have been badgering a work friend of mine for months to start her own blog and last week she finally did.. but my badgering didn't stop there. Today she finally let me loose on her design and I lost a few hours with my old friend blogger. I love Wordpress, I really do but I forget how easy it is to change the look of a blogspot blog, I used to always be tinkering with my design so it's fun to go back and dabble from time to time. Anyway.. back to the blog in hand.. I would imagine that the title is fairly self explanatory, her blog is about food - specifically (but not limited to) the gluten free variety. I would love for you to go over and show her some love, she has set up a twitter account but doesn't yet know the joys of the blogging community so go and follow and show her how lovely we all are!

PS - It looks awesome, right? I know, I know.. I'm brilliant!

Miss BB


14/02 - This is 40! (Film Review)

It's Valentines Day folks and where a lot of you are going down the "just your average Thursday" route I actually went out for my first V-Day date in 10 years!!! Between having an almost 8 year old and other scheduling problems I've just never had the opportunity so when my brother offered to watch the kids for us we jumped at the chance! We decided to go to the cinema because barring heavy drinking its the only thing we can't do with the kids (they can have the occasional beer, right?) and so we never get to go. I actually cannot recall the last adult film (not like that) we saw at the cinema) and the one thing we'd seen advertised recently which we both wanted to see was "This Is 40".. Decision made. First of all its a Judd Apatow movie starring not only his wife but his two children.. Secondly it's the "kind of sequel to knocked up" - sold! For this who saw that it basically follows Katherine Heigl's sister and her family almost 10 years on with the parents turning 40, a teenage daughter and a new phase of life to deal with. It paints a bleak picture of ageing and marriage but I think we've had enough of rosy perfection and over the last few years we've had more realistic families in movies which may not be to everyone's taste but they're relatable and they're not going to make you feel like shit for not being perfect yourself. I'd absolutely recommend it, my only irk is it was a little longer than it needed to be.. I think they could have told the story in maybe 20mins less but I'd happily rewatch, I pretty much love everything Leslie Mann is in but I think that's largely down to her husband.

What did you do this evening?

Miss BB


13/02 - Early Gifts

Given that Lee leaves for work considerably earlier than me we decided to exchange gifts this evening instead. We are going out straight from work tomorrow so it seemed the best time. I know they're largely unpopular with "modern women" these days but I love the novelty hearts and flowers so my little V- Day treats were perfect! I managed to snag an amazing deal on a YSL aftershave set from Boots which had been reduced after Christmas and then reduced AGAIN for Valentines so I couldn't pass it up - here's the link for those interested. I also have the promise of a back rub after my bath.. Ahhh!

In other news Laura and I have been invited to some blogging events next month that we can actually attend so we've been organising trains and time off today. It's quite exciting meeting other bloggers, we're attending a Leeds blogger meet up (FABB event) and so etching in Manchester for Benefit.. Will we see any of you there?

Anyway I'm off to jump in the tub and upload my vlog, goodnight all and I hope you're V Day is sweet xxx

Miss BB


12/02 - Pancake Day


How many of you had pancakes today? At lunchtime Danielle and I went on a hunt for them but there were none to be had so I had to settle for my own shoddy attempt this evening. They actually tasted pretty good but they looked horrendous. It was Milo's first taste of pancakes but he didn't like them, when I first have him a piece I think he thought it was a cloth because he was trying to clean his highchair with it (lol) but regardless.. Milo, not a fan!


In other news I put a little more pink in my hair and I completely love it, it's do much better than the last time I tried the ombre, diluting the dye with conditioner to do the ends with flashes of full strength pink underneath has a much nicer effect, don't you agree?

Any who, here's today's vlog and if you've missed any since I've not been embedding them on my blog you can catch up here

Miss BB


11/02 - The SacconeJolys


I Know this will sound mad but I stopped watching the SacconeJolys when Anna fell pregnant. I had just had Milo and wasn't interested in reliving my pregnancy through someone else. I watched the birth but up to now nothing has drawn me back.. until the haircut. I still follow them both on twitter/Instagram so when I saw that Anna had chopped her super long locks I had to watch. I can't explain it but they have me back and I've spent a good portion of today catching up on what I've missed. I love Anna's new hair, I love the two of them as a couple and Emilia has only added to their entertainment value. I was aware that they got a good amount of trolls on their videos but I had no idea the extent until I googled them to find a picture for this post - I actually took a screen shot from their intro in the end. The things people have said, I don't know how they continue to make videos. In a recent vlog Anna did acknowledge how difficult it can be and u get that this is their "job" and they make money but there's no other job in the world where people personally attack you on a day to day basis. It definitely gives me pause when I think about my future on YouTube but my video favourites all suffer at the hands of haters and if they can handle the volume they receive I can handle my small fry trolls!

Miss BB


10/02 - Think Pink!

I was getting bored with my hair but I didn't want a drastic change and I'm still trying to stave off the root touch up for now so... semi permanent pink it is! I've done this before and I love it, this time I diluted the dye with conditioner for an overall dip dye and added almost full strength streaks underneath to make it pop a little. I'm really happy with it and now have a tub of pink conditioner to keep it up for a while. The colour I used was carnation by directions which can be super bright and I'm not sure how long it lasts so I'd definitely recommend mixing it with conditioner if like me you're not ready for a colour commitment. If enough people want to see it I will film the next time I streak and ombre so let me know if you're interested in that and if you have some time to kill, here's todays vlog..

Miss BB


For some reason this never published last night :( so yeah... bit late, sorry!


09/02 - Unless..


I am someone that can burst in to years at the drop of a hat and those ads for children's charities have had me more than once so it may not surprise you that a good kids film can draw a tear from time to time. Today we saw the Lorax (kids AM at Vue - £1.75 a ticket, total bargain!) and it was one such film. The general message was that we need to look after the world we live in and the standout quote - "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not!" - I challenge you not to be moved. Perhaps it had more impact in the context of the film but I found it very emotive.. and it was a happy ending. I'm sure I'm abnormally emotional! (No I'm not pregnant)

We went to the Apple store and Lee's iPad was replaced (the touchscreen was defective), we went for lunch (which was cut short by Milo's behaviour) and spent the afternoon at home.


Ella was playing in her room and Milo was napping so I took the rate opportunity to bathe for "fun" rather than practicality and used my space girl bath bomb I got for my birthday. It was nice and all but I'm not sure I'll be buying £5 bath treats on a regular basis.. They seem like such a waste of money but feel free to sing their praises in the comments.. I don't really understand them. I was so sleeping after my afternoon pampering I basically lay on the sofa til bed time. Its nice to have the time to myself at the weekend but a midday bath does nothing for my productivity! Another thing I won't be repeating often. We ended our Saturday with a takeaway and my first (2) cans of diet coke of 2013.. I've done so well to avoid it and having drunk both so quickly I realise why that was a good idea. I'm certain they make me MORE thirsty.. Bizarre!

Any who, I'm blogging from bed because Milo is up and driving us nuts so I'll likely be in for a late one but as I mentioned, my vlog will be up in the morning!

Miss BB


08/02 - Three Years in Hair

I posted these photos to Instagram last night and they would make a nice talking point for today's diary entry. The above are the various hairstyles I've sported during my time on YouTube.. We're only talking 3 years so you can imagine how much wilder it was when I was a teen! I love being brunette but when I'm bare faced it washes me out terribly, I'm fairly pale as it is but super dark hair really does nothing for me unless I have a full face of makeup. I wish I suited red hair but I really don't and even blonde is a little bit much so I've settled at a more natural highlighted shade that's easy to maintain and generally looks better with my skin tone. Cut wise I'm working towards a shoulder length kind of long bob. Not too much in the way of layers, long enough that extensions will blend if I want length and short enough that it doesn't take hours to do every day. It's a universally flattering style so that's my plan.

What have been your craziest hairstyles?

Miss BB


07/02 - Hay Day!


If you know me you will know I love video games and my ipad has opened up a whole new world of time wasting. Previously the only game I was really "committed" to was Simpsons Tapped Out but I finally downloaded the popular "hay day" and realise my life is now probably over. I even had the game open at work so as not to miss any harvesting opportunities.. It's a problem!

If you play the game and want to be "friends" the Facebook account I'm using is linked below!

In other news, the miss sporty foundation I was trialling broke me out in little bumps all over my face.. Will persevere but that's not a good sign, I was loving it yesterday!

Miss BB


06/02 - Peace & Pampering


After a hectic day at work I couldn't wait to get home for a little peace and pampering.. And so this entry is entitled as such! As I write I am wearing this beautiful face mask (clearasil wash and mask) and wearing my comfiest loungewear while catching up on my Simpsons Tapped Out townies. I that subject.. Have now completed every level they have available.. What's that all about? Luckily there are tasks and such within the game I am yet to complete and there is the promise of more content but I must be a heavier player than I thought!

So annoying! I usually write my diary posts on my ipad but today I used my iPhone.. Upon publishing I lost the rest of the post *sigh* .. I will continue..

I ordered an ipad case online which matched my phone case but they oversold and are now out of stock *sob-* and all the others just aren't as nice and they're twice as expensive. I love the chevron design but its not widely available here in the uk.. Fingers crossed retailers pick up this trend soon! Do any of you have any suggestions/recommendations as to where I could purchase such a case? Lee bought me a magnetic front cover but I want to protect the back too.. Ideas on a postcard please!

Lee has just informed me he's making tea (yay) so I'll sign off for the day and go give him a hand.. Until tomorrow!

Miss BB


05/02 - New Stuff


Yesterday I did a spot of birthday shopping and today I thought I'd share a couple of my purchases with you. I received a New Look gift card from my friend Danielle and with it I bought the jumper above (new season) and possibly the most awesome necklace ever in the sale. I don't spend a lot of time in that store but there were a few things that caught my eye so I may have to revisit soon. I also picked up a few beauty bits, one of which was the new Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay foundation. I actually filmed a first impressions video today, everything from application in the morning to longevity evaluation after work.. I'm hoping you'll enjoy this new format. I'm pretty impressed with it and I think with some tweaking it could be a contender for my everyday base. I should mention that my walk to work was stormy and this is how I looked when I arrived..


This makes it all the more impressive that 6 hours later my foundation was still pretty much intact..


Any who, a full review of that is coming soon as well as one on the rocket volume mascara from Maybelline.. Not sure I'm sold on that one!

Miss BB


04/02 - Happy Birthday To Me

Today has been lovely! It was very relaxed, we got up, we had breakfast, went shopping and then did a spot of editing/blogging this afternoon. Lee had a man come round to fix the car and he's currently out doing the supermarket shop (bless) so that I have time to blog some more and talk to you lovely people! I filmed my birthday haul already and am pretty much set for the week in blog posts (lots of Valentines themed bits coming your way soon) which is how I like to end my Monday. I've said it before but I hate to chain myself to my computer after work so it's almost a weight lifted to have it all taken care of before my week begins on Tuesday. Which brings me somewhat to a little gear grinder of mine today, I received a comment from a new reader who believed my site was full of embedded videos and very little content which she found 'sad'. I am very much hoping that because she is new to my blog she is generalising and happens to have only caught my 3 YouTube posts per week but it's somewhat disheartening to hear when I dedicate so much time to this thing. I don't believe there was any malice to her comment but it did push a few buttons so a venting session was needed, sorry. Anyway, on to happier things. Like I said I did a little shopping (hehe) and picked up some bits and bobs from New Look (thanks for the gift card Danielle) and Boots (yay) that I'm rather excited about including a cream that claims to fade pigmentation and even out skin tone. I will talk more about that in a dedicated post but I'm not sure whether to be looking forward to the results or nervous that it may be one of these harmful asian-type products.. surely Boots wouldn't stock anything dangerous.. we'll see. Besides my personal purchases I received lots of lovely presents and went for lunch with my two favourite boys so it was a very nice day all round. Milo had his first Fruit Shoot (juice drink) and learned to dip his fries in ketchup (see below).. it was eventful! I have a vlog uploading but I hate waiting around to post my Dear Diary so where possible I will include the videos during 'Vloguary' but if I don't you can look out for them on my second channel - link - Although of course including them may anger the embedding police further (joke..maybe)

So, another year older but I must say that where I see others floundering and dreading their birthdays because they don't know what they want from life I am very content and my little blog has a lot to do with that so thanks for reading!

Miss BB


03/02 - Near Death Experience

Now I'll admit that while I don't drive often I am guilty of 'back seat driving' from time to time. I'm not a nervous passenger but you never know what the driver has seen and I do occasionally comment on Lee's stopping distance as I never feel it's enough were there ever an emergency brake situation. Well.. for years I have been told he has seen, he was looking, he knew, I'm making him jumpy.. today I received some small validation while very nearly throwing myself out of the car to safety. He absolutely had not seen the car in front of us and was going faster than he should have been in my opinion when I gasped and he had to swerve so as not to hit the car. Ok so maybe I am a cautious driver.. I probably brake more than I accelerate but this is why! A little background.. our brakes are not working as they should be (they're scheduled to be fixed tomorrow), the kids were not in the car (thank god) and when he swerved to miss the car he nearly drove in to the front of a bus. It's really not funny but in that moment I was looking at the driver and we were both inwardly screaming lol. As it happens all was well, he maneuvered out and we were on our way unscathed but it doesn't make me feel any more confident about returning to the road. I've barely driven in the last 2 years and the main reason is that in a situation like today I would panic and freeze, although I was scared in that moment he knew what he was doing, he knew that the bus was stationery at a red light, he knew what the car was capable of (even with the brake issues) and he was confident in handling it. I would have hit the car and cried. It takes baby steps but I really must start driving again or I'll end up one of those people with a license that daren't get in the car. It took me so long to pass my test (another confidence issue) and so much money it would be such a waste to give up on it at only 26 (27 tomorrow eek)

But anyway.. enough of my "near death experience", I'm sure there will be some who disagree with my making light of a narrowly avoided car accident but it's these small escapes that make you realise how lucky you are to be here at all! Here's today's video..

Miss BB


02/02 - Jubilations

Sorry for the late post but it was a late night.. It wasn't my birthday yesterday as many of you believed but we did go out for my 'birthday meal' which was lovely. We visited a restaurant we haden't been to before but the chef had previously worked somewhere we loved and I had a dish that used to be an absolute favourite of mine and was delighted to find that it was exactly the same. I must have had Chimichangas once a week during my pregnancy, I was obsessed so disappointed doesn't cut it when describing my feelings when the menu changed, I'm so pleased to have rediscovered them here!

Chimichangas aside the night was lots of fun with lots of dancing and several drinks. I'm not a hardcore party girl anymore so I was home at a respectable time (midnight-ish) and as a result have not suffered today but I'm looking forward to my bed tonight already. I did vlog a little yesterday so if you're interested here it is..

Miss BB


01/02 - Vloguary

So.. how are we feeling about naming these diary entries rather than just dating them? Positive I hope. Today marks the start of February and the first day of 'Vloguary' which basically means I will be vlogging every day of the month over on my second channel. If you haven't already subscribed you can do that here or just check back here for the daily updates with my diary posts. I love vlog months and always miss it when they're over but it would be way to much to commit to every single day.. you need the break! Anywho, for today I will just leave you with the first vlog as I'm already up far later than I should be.

FYI I am going out for my Birthday (on Monday) tomorrow so my Diary post and vlog will likely be up early on Sunday morning.. in case you even notice, I thought I'd mention it in case you think I've forgotten again. TFI Friday, huh?

Miss BB