10/05 - Eddie Izzard

Tonight we had the amazing opportunity to see Eddie Izzard live thanks to Capital FM. We are both such huge fans (I mean.. he was in the Oceans movies.. c'mon!!) and he did not let us down. Bizarrely my friend Laura was also at the event entirely by coincidence and she spotted my from a good half a mile away.. good eyes! I haven't caught up with her since but I'm positive she will have loved the man as much as I did. He's not your regular comedian, he's a story teller, an entertainer and above all a very smart guy so even in his less hilarious moments he held me captive with tales of his childhood. 

True to form he wore exaggerated cuban heels and manicured pointy nails, calling himself an Action Transvestite and quoting politics which in truth was oh so over my head. Being in the presence of someone with real intelligence really is inspiring and I came away determined to learn at least a little tourist French.

Thanks again to Capital for sending us and I can't wait to go see him again!

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