05/07 - Work Limbo

I know many of you worry about me venting my frustrations about work on the Internet but you needn't. The job I hold has never been secure and never less than right now so I very much doubt any rants or rambling in here or my vlogs will do much to make it worse. With a break for the baby I've been at my current job for 2 and a half years and I'm still a temp. I am paid considerably less than a contracted employee to do the job I do and in recent months that's made me less and less attached to the job. You guys know I've been considering going it alone as a full time blogger for a while now and that decision is a tough one that I just can't make. I'd planned to reduce my hours but in the coming weeks it may just be taken out of my hands entirely. It could be for the best.. It's hard to make that leap and if I lose my job I know I'll be fine so I'm not fretting too much financially but in the past week we've lost 2 people and today it was Danielle (pictured). You may know her from my vlogs or on on twitter as @officialskinner. Danielle really brightened up a very tense working environment and when she left I will admit.. I shed a tear. She will really be missed and the one other temp and I that are left are now left in this no mans land wondering if we'll be told we're no longer needed at a moments notice. Like I say it's not the money, it's the people. You see these people everyday, they become like family and suddenly you may never see them again.. Oh and you don't have a job. I've been made redundant before, the whole office just like this and it's absolutely gutting on a social level. Right now I don't know what I'm hoping for, it's going to be a totally different place to work now and I can't imagine it will be for the better but for those of you who have been following the wok drama, this is an update. It's very much a one day at a time situation and once I do eventually go I'll tell you the WHOLE story ;)


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about all this stress you're going through Khila... I got made redundant last year and even if you know things are going to work out ok in the end, it's pretty damn horrible to go through it just the same. I'm gutted for Danielle, I hope she's ok and finds something else soon. To be honest hun it sounds like you've had it up to here with this job and like you've said before, life's too short to be unhappy. Hope everything works out for you - it sounds like it will! :) x

  2. The people you work with really do make or break your day Hope it all works out for the best and that Danielle finds herself something even better as well!!

  3. That's so sad about Danielle. I hope you'll stay in touch with her.