02/08 - KrustyLand

Does anyone else get more excited than they should as an adult when a new Tapped Out update is released? KRUSTYLAND!!!!!


23/07 - Chimichangas

Anyone else remember when Cherry (was that her name?) in Two and a half men had chimichangas? She said it like chimi-chan-gas! Lol it's always what I think of.. Anyway I've been making burritos a lot lately and this week I decided to take it to another level and do a little shallow frying to bump them up to chimichanga status.. Ah-maze! So much more filling and delicious. Interested in a "recipe"? I use air quotes because its basically a mix of convenience foods with minimal cooking - lazy girls guide ;)


22/07 - Comma, Comma, Comma..

Saw this in twitter and thought it might brighten someone's Monday morning.. It did mine! Have a great day!


21/07 - The Weekend Project

I spent most of my weekend on the project below, had I not had the assistance of my brother I might still be making the drawers now.. They seriously took FOREVER!!!! I am so happy with them, they're perfect for makeup storage but there was I thinking the hard work was over and me came the fun bit.. I don't think I've ever had ALL of my makeup out like that before.. Quite overwhelming. It took a few hours to get everything straight but I love how its organised and the two units aren't full so I have room to grow which was what I wanted. Very happy girl!

The units are from Ikea and are called Alex, there is a tall 9 drawer version but I preferred the shallow drawers of this short, wide, 6 drawer version. Oh and yes I will be doing a full tour of it soon over on my beauty blog!


19/07 - More Work Stuff

In the hot seat today is Joanne.. She and I are all that are left of the temps, we've both been there for more than a year and we've both been given out notice. In a few weeks (end date TBC) we will be without work.. Great!

We are considering applying for a permanent position with the same company as a job share (between us we want to work 5 days) so that's a maybe but for now I think I'm looking at about 5 weeks. The most annoying thing is that it's fallen on the kids holidays.. For the remainder of my time I will basically be working just to pay the childminder.. In fact my calculations have me losing money on the deal *sigh*.

It made me realise that if you have 2 kids under school age you couldn't afford to go back to work, my childminder charger £3.50 an hour.. That's £7.00, I only earn £8.50 and after tax.. If this was a permanent thing it would make no sense at all.. Crazy!

Luckily I have the last week of the holidays off so I can spend that time with Ella while she's off.. And I guess plan my next move. It was expected but it still sucks to be let go, I'll miss everyone (almost) I work with so its sad but I like to think everything happens for a reason


18/07 - #ShareACoke

I'm positive I'm not the only one excited about the Share A Coke tour. I could never get anything with my name on it as a kid and the novelty of personalised items has followed me in to adulthood, strong! I queued twice with several people to make sure I got a complete set (and one for my Mums friend, Deana) - if you want to know when they're coming to you you can look online here. The bottles where we were were free and they were one per person but I hear it varies place to place..